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National Coalition on School Diversity Research Brief No. 10: The Complementary Benefits of Racial and Socioeconomic Diversity in Schools

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Current issue of Poverty & Race

Opening for Administrative & Program Assistant (February 2018)

Opening for PRRAC Law and Policy Fellow (February 2018)

Opening for PRRAC Communications Manager (February 2018)

"Fair Housing and Environmental Justice: New Strategies and Challenges," (Megan Haberle, Journal of Affordable Housing, January 2018)

Comments on New Federal Strategy to Reduce Childhood Lead Exposures (November 2017)

"Disrupting the Reciprocal Relationship between Housing and School Segregation" (Philip Tegeler and Michael Hilton, November 2017)

Amicus Brief in City of Oakland v. Wells Fargo (N.D. Cal. 2017)

Court papers in Open Communities Alliance et al v. Carson

Equity Considerations in Climate Adaptation Plans: A Call for Advocacy (October 2017)

Civil Rights in the Deregulatory State

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HUD Advocacy (by program)
Section 8 Mobility Housing
Affirmitively Furthering Fair Housing
Fair Housing & Community Development
School Diversity
Sheff Movement (Hartford)
Educational Equity
Housing/Education Link
Administrative State and Civil Rights
International Human Rights in the U.S.
Civil Rights History
One Nation Indivisible

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