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Current issue of Poverty & Race

PRRAC's housing agenda 2017-18

Joint Statement on Week 1 of Trump Presidency's Impact on Communities of Color (January 2017)

State, Local, and Federal Statutes against Source-of-Income Discrimination (May 2016)

McDermott, Frankenberg, and DeBray, "How the Administration's 'Stronger Together' school integration proposal built on the lessons learned from the flawed TASAP program" (NCSD Issue Brief 7, October 2016)

Coalition comments on proposed Small Area Fair Market Rent rule (August 2016)

Comments of the Inclusive Communities Project on the Small Area FMR proposal (August 2016)

Testimony to House Education Committee on school integration goals (July 12, 2016)

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Current Projects/Initiatives
HUD Advocacy (by program)
Section 8 Mobility Housing
Affirmitively Furthering Fair Housing
Fair Housing & Community Development
School Diversity
Sheff Movement (Hartford)
Educational Equity
International Human Rights in the U.S.
Civil Rights History
One Nation Indivisible

Featured Publication

Leveraging the Power of Place: Using Pay for Success to Support Housing Mobility
, by Dan Rinzler, Low Income Investment Fund; Philip Tegeler, Poverty & Race Research Action Council; Mary Cunningham, Urban Institute; and Craig Pollack, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (San Francisco Federal Reserve, July 2015)

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