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Anti-Discrimination Center v. Westchester County

The landmark Westchester County false claims litigation, decision, and 2009 settlement have set the bar for local compliance with the “affirmatively furthering fair housing” obligation under the 1968 Fair Housing Act. The County’s continuing evasion of its legal responsibilities is testing the resolve of HUD and the Obama Administration on fair housing enforcement. Here are some key documents in the case (for full coverage of developments in the Westchester case, go to the Anti-Discrimination Center’s website,

Recent court activity

Motion to intervene by Anti-Discrimination Center (ADC) (May 2011)

Memo in opposition to intervention by HUD (July 2011)

Reply memorandum from ADC (September 2011)

Letter from civil rights advocates to the court-appointed Monitor (February 2010)

See all compliance motions in the case:

Recent HUD actions

HUD May 13 letter rejecting Westchester County Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (AI) and requiring corrective action

HUD December 21 letter rejecting Westchester County AI and requiring corrective action

Original Court decision and settlement agreement

Westchester County 2009 federal court settlement agreement

Decision in Antidiscrimination Center v. Westchester County (February 2009)

Letter to HUD from NY Anti-Discrimination Center (October 2009)

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