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Photo Gallery - 6th National Conference on Housing Mobility (Photos Courtesy of Metropolitan Planning Council)

HUD Assistant Secretaries Gustavo Velasquez and Katherine O'Regan, and Phil Tegeler from PRRAC

Breann Gala (MPC), Robin Snyderman, and Angie Leyva

Barbara Sard (CBDD), Heather Schwartz, and Robin Snyderman

Policy Panel: Barbara Sard, Amy Ginger and Becky Primeaux from HUD, Alex Polikoff, Assistant Secretary O'Regan, Deputy Assistant Secretary George Williams, and Ianna Kachoris (MacArthur Foundation)

Barbara Sard and Amy Ginger

Heather Schwartz, Alison Schuman, and Demetria McCain

Best Practices Panel: Heather Schwartz, Peter Rosenblatt, Chris Klepper, Demetria McCain, Alison Schuman, and Barbara Sard

Demetria McCain, Alison Schuman, Barbara Sard

Stephen Norman, Robin Snyderman, and HUD Regional Administrator Antonio Riley

Howard Stanback with Robin Snyderman

Judith Liben and Stephen Norman

Phil Tegeler and Antonio Riley

Project Based Panel: Robin Snyderman and Stephen Norman

Project Based Panel: Antonio Riley

Alex Polikoff and Daniel Bustamante

Jordan Lopez and Audrey Berdhal-Baldwin

Marisa Novaro

HUD Regional Administrators Jane Vincent (Philadelphia), Antonio Riley (Chicago), and Jennifer Tidwell (Kansas City)

Phil Tegeler, Breann Gala, Maria Krysan, and Stefanie Deluca

HUD Table!

Stefanie Deluca and Seth Embry

Mandy Burrell and Angie Leyva

Antonio Riley

Housing Search Panel: Sheryl Seling, Eva Rosen, Maria Krysan, Stefanie Deluca, Seth Embry, and Breann Gala

Taneera Richardson (Baltimore Mobility Program Participant)

Research Panel: Marge Turner, Dolores Acevedo-Garcia, and Barbara Samuels

Eugene Jones, Chicago Housing Authority

Mary Sue Barrett, Metropolitan Planning Council, Opening the Conference

Mary Sue Barrettt

Jennifer O'Neill and collegues

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