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Connecting Families with Opportunity: A Series of Research Forums

In 2007, we are highlighting the theory and practice of “connecting families to opportunity” in a series of national best practices forums in Baltimore cosponsored by PRRAC, the Baltimore Regional Housing Campaign and other organizations. The purpose of these events is to bring expert knowledge and local practice together to explore ways to better help low income families moving out of high poverty neighborhoods, to effectively connect to the opportunities presented in their new communities.

The three scheduled meetings include:

Housing Mobility and Health: Connecting Families and Children to Improved Health Outcomes (May 22, 2007): This forum highlighted recent research on relationship between housing, concentrated poverty and health; exploring how to better use housing mobility to improve health outcomes; approaches to help families achieve faster health gains from a mobility move; and strategies for improving access to suburban health care providers. The forum was extremely successful, attracting over 80 public health experts, foundation staff, housing mobility program directors, and local activists in the Baltimore area. More information.

Employment and Housing Mobility Roundtable (July 9, 2007): This expert roundtable, co-sponsored by Inclusion, a D.C.-based organization specializing in low-wage work issues, examined best practices in employment placement and counseling programs, and approaches to overcoming common barriers to suburban employment – including child care and transportation barriers. More information on the Inclusion website.

A Forum on Housing Mobility and Education: Improving the Transition to New Communities and Schools: This forum, on December 3, 2007, explored how to better link housing mobility and educational opportunity; improving outcomes for children and adolescents in housing mobility programs; with a special focus on problems faced by teenage boys; and highlighting the school-based intervention approach in the Dallas housing mobility program (The Inclusive Communities Project).


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