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PRRAC Resources Library - Civil Rights History

April-June 2016

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  • Mapping Segregation in Washington DC a public history project documenting the historic segregation of DC’s housing, along with its schools, playgrounds, and other public spaces (2014). Funded in part by Humanities DC and the DC Preservation League. [15123]

January-March 2016

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  • Our Voices Our Democracy: Victories Since Citizens United and the Road Ahead Empowering Voters Over Wealthy Special Interests Written and edited by the staff of the Center for Media and Democracy, Common Cause,
    Demos, Every Voice, People For the American Way, Public Citizen, ReThink Media, and U.S. PIRG (February 2016). [15102]

May/June 2015

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  • 50 Years of the Voting Rights Act: The State of Race in Politics, (March 2015, 46 pp.), by Khalilah Brown‐Dean, Zoltan Hajnal, Christina Rivers, and Ismail White of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, available at [14874]

  • Fifty Years of "The People v. HUD": A HUD 50th Anniversary Timeline of Significant Civil Rights Lawsuits and HUD Fair Housing Advances, (May 2015, 24 pp.), PRRAC's reflection on the agency's relationship with civil rights advocates, who have brought important civil rights litigation against the agency and its grantees. Available at [14887]

November/December 2014

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  • Teaching Mississippi: Civil Rights Movement and Labor History in the Classroom is a 2014 project by Teaching for Change, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Fdn. Inf. from, [14752]

September/October 2013

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  • A Freedom Budget for All Americans: Recapturing the Promise of the Civil Rights Movement in the Struggle for Economic Justice Today, by Paul LeBlanc & Michael D. Yates (297 pp., 2013, $16.95), has been published by Monthly Review Press, 146 W. 29th St., #6W, NYC, NY 10001, 800/670-9499 [14168]

July/August 2013

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  • Ann Braden: Southern Patriot is a 77-min. documentary (available as a DVD) from the Ann Braden Inst. for Social Justice at the Univ. of Louisville, 502/852-6142; available at [14014]

  • Bending Towards Justice: The Voting Rights Act and the Transformation of American Democracy, by Gary May (336pp., April 2013), has been published by Basic Books. [14108]

May/June 2013

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  • A list of repositories where Freedom Movement papers are archived can be accessed at [13945]

  • "All of Africa Will Be Free Before We Can Get a Lousy Cup of Coffee: The Impact of the 1943 Lunch Counter Sit-Ins on the Civil Rights Movement," by Aarushi H. Shah (22 pp., Nov. 2012), appeared in The History Teacher Volume Vol. 46, No. 1, available at [13919]

March/April 2013

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  • "Suburban Diversity in Postwar America," by Matthew D. Lassiter & Christopher Niedt, appeared in the Jan. 2013 issue of The Journal of Urban History (Vol. 39, No. 1) [13840]

July/August 2010

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  • "Alumni Stories from a Voluntary School Integration Program" [12380] See full text.

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  • "50th Anniversary Commemoration of the March on Washington" [14148] See full text.

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