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PRRAC Resources Library - Environment

April-June 2016

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  • Democratic by Design: How Carsharing, Co-ops, and Community Land Trusts are Reinventing America Written by Gabriel Metcalf. Published November 2015. Available at [15134]

  • "Major Environmental Justice Title VI Agreement Reached in Corpus Christi," by Joseph Rich [15157] See full text.

September/October 2015

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  • Environmental Activism and the Urban Crisis (2014). Written by Robert Gioielli. Published by the Temple University Press. [14991]

May/June 2014

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  • "Title VI, Environmental Justice Agency Working Group" (April 2014), from the Environmental Protection Agency, is available at [14679]

November/December 2013

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July/August 2013

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  • "Bright Green: Five Metropolitan Areas Where tthe Latino Workforce and the Clean Economy Overlap," by Catherine Singley Harvey (26 pp., Feb. 2013), has been published by The National Council of La Raza. Free copy available from them, Raul Yzaguirre Bldg., 1126 16th St. NW, #600, Wash., DC 20036-4845, 202/785-1670, [14099]

  • "Pillar Talk: Local Sustainability Initiatives and Policies in the United States -- Finding Evidence of the 'Three E's': Economic Development, Environmental Protection, and Social Equity," by Susan M. Opp, Kyle L. Saunders & Illinois Poverty Summit (40 pp., Jan. 2013), appeared in . Lead author contactable at [14055]

  • "Pillar Talk: Local Sustainability Initiatives and Policies in the United States -- Finding Evidence of the 'Three E's': Economic Development, Environmental Protection, and Social Equity," by Susan M. Opp & Kyle L. Saunders (40 pp., Jan. 2013), appeared in Urban Affairs Review. Lead author contactable at [14056]

  • "Suburban Sprawl or Urban Centres: Tensions and Contradictions of Smart Growth Approaches in Denver, Colorado," by Andrew Goetz (March 2013), appeared in Urban Studies. Author is contactable at [14057]

March/April 2013

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  • "Human Rights and Environmental Regulation," by Rebecca M. Bratspies, appeared in 19N.Y.U. Envtl. L.J. (2012) [13848]

  • "The Benefits of Development and Environmental Injustice," by Alex Geisinger, appeared in 37Colum J. Envtl.L.205 (2012) [13847]

July/August 2012

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  • APPI Nexus, published by UCLA's Asian American Studies Center (until recently headed by PRRAC Bd. member Don Nakanishi) is devoting a forthcoming special issue to "AAPIs and the Environment." Letter of Intent to submit a manuscript due by July 9, 2012. Inf. from Melanie De La Cruz-Viesca at the Center, 3230 Campbell Hall, LA, CA 90095, 310/206-7738, [13556]

March/April 2011

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  • "Building Environmentally Sustainable Communities: A Framework for Inclusivity," by Vicki Been et al. (90 pp., April 2010), from NYU's Furman Center and The Urban Institute, is available (no price given) from co-author Mary Cunningham, 202/261-5764,, www.urban,org [12568]

January/February 2011

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  • The Children, Youth and Environment Journal has just (Nov. 2010) published 10 original papers on various topics, including children's access to affordable and healthy food in low-income neighborhoods, school design and social interaction, SEEDS Neighborhood Ecology program for low-income children - focusing on work in the U.S., Canada, UK, Iceland, Israel, Germany and Australia. Issue available at [12402]

November/December 2010

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  • The Center for Critical Environmental & Global Literacy is organizing anoter Teacher Institute, beginning mid-January, 2010. A visit to Oaxaca is part of the program. Inf. from [12330]

July/August 2010

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  • "Translating Green into Navajo: Alternative to Coal Mining and the Campaign for a Navajo Green Economy," by Yvonne Liu (19 pp., March 2010), is available (possibly free) from the Applied Research Center, [12024]

January/February 2010

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  • Shoes, Glue and Homework: Dangerous Work in the Global Footwear Industry, by Pia Markkanen (2009), has been published by Baywood Publishing Co., 26 Austin Ave., Amityville, NY 11701, 800/638-7819, [11782]

November/December 2009

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September/October 2009

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  • Race, Poverty & the Environment, "a journal for social and environmental justice," published quarterly, is available (subs $20/indivs./groups; $40 institutions; freefor grassroots groups upon request). The 80-page Spring 2009 issue (Vol. 10, No. 1)is devoted to rights. Included are Amy Goodman's interview with David Harvey on Right to the City; Bill Ong Hing/David Bacon's article, "Rights, Not Raids"; J. Douglas Allen-Taylor on Reparations; Chin Jurn Wor Ping on organzizing and winning a right to affordable housing in Oakland's Chinatown; Deia de Brito on Right of Return: Public Housing in SF's Hunters Point; Bob Allen on Dismantling Transportation Apartheid; and Marcy Rein/Clifton Ross on the right to access healthy food. [11681]

  • "The Relationship of Housing and Population Health: A 30-Year Retrospective Analysis" appeared in a recent issue of Environmental Health Perspectives. Available at [11627]

July/August 2009

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  • "The Climate Gaps: Inequalities in How Climate Change Hurts Americans & How to Close the Gap," by Rachel Morello-Frsoch, Manuel Pastor, James Sadd & Seth B. Shonkoff (32 pp., May 2009), from the Univ. So. Calif. Program for Environmental & Regional Equity, is available at college.usc.usc/geography/ESPE/documents/ClimateGapReport_full_report_web.pdf [11563]

  • "Who's in Charge? Who Should Be? The Role of the Federal Government in Megadisasters: Based on Lessons from Hurricane Katrina," by Richard P. Nathan & Marc Landy (10 pp., June 2009), is available from the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, [11562]

  • "YouthBuild Bulletin," the newsletter of YouthBuildUSA and the Natl. YouthBuild Coal., devoes in Spring 2009 issue to "Special Green Service." Available (possibly free) from them at 58 Day St., Somerville, MA 02144, 617/623-9900, [11447]

January/February 2009

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  • "Environmental Justice Through the Eye of Hurricane Katrina," by Reilly Morse (43 pp., 2008) is available (possibly free) from the Joint Ctr. for Political & Economic Studies' Health Policy Inst., 1090 Vermont Ave. NW, #1100, Wash., DC 20005, 202/789-3539, [11216]

  • It's Not Hard Building Green is the theme of the 21-page Fall 2008 issue of Rural Voices, the quarterly magazine of the Housing Assistance Council -- subs are free: 1025 Vermont Ave. NW, #606, Wash., DC 20005, 202/842-8600, [11222]

July/August 2008

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November/December 2007

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  • "Natural Connections: An Illustrated Guide to Green Infrastructure Mapping" (27 pp., Aug. 2007) is available (likely free) from the Center for Neighborhood Technology, 2125 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60647, 773/269-4058,, [10605]

May/June 2007

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  • "PlaNYC: A Greener, Greater New York" (155 pp., 2007[?]), is available (possibly free) from Deputy Mayor _____ Davidoff, City Hall, NYC, NY 10007. [10284]

  • "Toxic Wastes and Race at Twenty - 1987-2007: A Report Prepared for the United Church of Christ Justice & Witness Ministries," by Robert D. Bullard, Robin Saha & Beverly Wright (175 pp., March 2007), is available from the United Church of Christ, [10336]

March/April 2007

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  • "Ten Big Ideas for a New America" (68 pp., Dec. 2006) is available (likel free) from New America Foundation, 1630 Connecticut Ave. NW, 7th flr.,. Wash., DC 20009, 202/986-2700, [10217]

January/February 2007

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  • "First 100 Hours" (2007), dealing with the 110th Cong. and its commitment to Martin Luther King's goal of reducing the economic disparity between the races, has just been released by United for a Fair Economy. Contact Bob Keener, 617, 2148, x120; downloadable at [10069]

November/December 2006

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  • Materials Matter: Toward a Sustainalble Materials Policy, by Kenneth Geiser (479 pp., 2001), was published by MIT Press. [9996]

July/August 2006

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  • "Building a Regional Voice for Environmental Justice" (44 pp., Sept. 2004), about organizing to reduce racial disparitiesin exposure to hazards and air pollution, from Communities for a Better Environment & The Liberty Hill Fdn., is available at [9849]

March/April 2006

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  • "Four Economic Issjes That Environmentalists Should Worry About," by Mark Weisbrot (6 pp., Sept. 2005), is available (likely free) from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, 1611 Connecticut Ave. NW, #400, Wash., DC 20009, 202/293-5380, [9731]

  • "Rural Housing Goes Green" is the theme of the Fall 2005 issue of Rural Voices, the quarterly magazine of The Housing Assistance Council. The 33-page issue has 8 articles on the theme. Copies available (possibly free) from HAC, 1025 Vermont Ave. NW, #606, Wash., DC 20005, 202/842-8600,, [9717]

  • "Thirsty for Justice: A People's Blueprint for California Water" (132 pp., June 2005) is available (no price listed) from Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, 654 13th St., Preservation Park, Oakland, CA 94610, 510/286-8400. A 20-page companion piece, Community Perspectives, containing case studies and community water demands is available as well -- in Spanish as well as English, [9709]

November/December 2005

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  • "Thirsty for Justice: A People's Blueprint for California Water" (132 pp., June 2005) is available from the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, 654 13th St., Oakland, CA 94610, 510/286-8400, downloadable at [9594]

May/June 2005

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  • Packing Them In: An Archaeology of Environmental Racism in Chicago, 1865-1954, by Sylvia Washington (2005, $19.95), has been published by Lexington Books, 800/462-6420. [9410]

March/April 2005

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  • "Reading, Writing & Breathing: Schools, Air Toxics & Environmental Justice in California," by Manuel Pastor, Jr., James Sadd & Rachel Morello-Frsoch (16 pp., Jan. 2005), is available (possibly free) from the Ctr. for Justice, Tolerance & Community, Univ. of Calif., 1156 High St., Santa Cruz, CA 95064, 831/459-5743,, [9260]

January/February 2005

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  • Clearinghouse Review, the monthly law journal for the Legal Services community, will devote its June 2005 issue to children's environmental health & environmental justice. Submissions due by March 8. Contact Steven Fischbach, 401/274-2652, x164, [9164]

September/October 2004

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  • "Environment Threatened" (July 2004), from the National Priorities Proj., offers state-by-state numbers on Bush Adm. budget cuts to clean water programs, the quality of the environment & a variety of health risks. Includes for each state: % of people breathing unhealthy air; number of people drinking unsafe water; % of people living in an area with 100 times the cancer risk goal set by the Clean Air Act; and more. Available at [8991]

May/June 2004

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  • Running on Empty: Transport, Social Exclusion & Environmental Justice, ed. Karen Lucas (224 pp., 2004, $38.95), comparing US and UK policy and practice, is available from Policy Press, 800/944-6190. [8702]

March/April 2004

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  • The Future of Children (Vol. 14, No. 1 - Winter 2004) is devoted to "Children, Families & Foster Care: Analysis. A 4-page Exec. Summary of the eight articles is available on their website which also will give you ordering (free) inf., [8598]

  • The National Conf. of State Legislators has a 2004 Publications Catalog, with items on children/families, economic development, education, the environment & health. Doubtless free from 7700 E. First Pl., Denver, CO 80230, 303/364-7812, [8538]

January/February 2004

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January/February 2003

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  • "New Civil Rights Battlegrounds,," by Robert D. Bullard (Nov. 2002), reports on the 11th anniversary meeting of the 1991 people of color enviromental summit. Available at [7350]

September/October 2002

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  • "Pursuing Racial Justice" is the May/June 2002 issue of Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law & Policy, the first of a 2-part special. The 16 articles in the 196-page issue cover health, housing, employment, welfare, consumer issues, education, Legal Services, environmental justice, immigrants, transportation; and among the authors are current & former PRRAC Board members Jane Perkins, Alan Houseman & Florence Wagman Roisman. Ordering inf. from the Natl. Ctr. on Poverty Law, 205 W. Monroe St., 2nd flr., Chicago, IL 60606, 312/263-3830, [6977]

  • Stumbling Toward Sustainability, ed. John C. Dernbach (ca. 1,058 pp., July 2002), a Rio+10 collection, has been published by the Environmental Law Inst., 800/433-5120; $69.95. The 32 chapters cover a range of topics, including medical/public health services, transportation, K-12 & higher education, hazardous waste/Superfund, public access to inf./participation/justice, local/state/natl. governance, population, plus all the specific environmental concerns. [7040]

  • "The Inst. for Policy Research (Northwestern Univ.)" has available its Spring 2002 Working Papers catalogue, listing papers on poverty/race/inequality, labor markets/employment, child/adolescent/family studies, education, law/social justice, health, philanthropy/voluntarism/nonprofits, environment. IPR, 2040 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, IL 60208-4100, 847/491-3395. [7108]

July/August 2002

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  • The Natl. Conf. of State Legislatures has a 2002 Publications Catalog of policy books on Children & Families, Education, Econ. & Cultural Development, Energy & Environment, Health, etc. 303/830-2054, [6876]

March/April 2002

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  • "Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators: A New Tool for Assessing Natonal Trends," eds. Hazel Henderson, Jon Lickerman & Patrice Flynn (392 pp., 2000) is available ($19.95) from Flynn Research, PO Box 726, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, 304/728-9499 [4694]

  • "The Natl. Conf. of State Legislatures" has a 2002 Publications Catalog: books on children/families, education, econ. dev., environment, health. 303/863-8003. [4729]

January/February 2002

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  • Approaches to Sustainable Development: The Public University in the Regional Economy, by Robert Forrant, Jean L. Pyle, William Lazonick & Charles Levenstein (434 pp., 2001), has been published by Univ. of Mass. Press (Box 429, Amherst, MA 01004); $24.95. [4011]

July/August 2001

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  • Philanthropy & the Environmental Justice Movement: A Call to Build More Effective Partnerships (April, 2001) is a 3-page issue of Snapshots, available (likely free) from the Aspen Inst. Nonprofit Sector Research Fund, One Dupont Circ. NW, #700, Wash., DC 20036. [137]

  • "Gold and Green" (2001) s a new 114-page report from the Inst. for Southern Studies, “showing that states with the best environmental record also have the best jobs & econ. climate.” Contains maps & state-by-state profiles. $35 from ISS, PO Box 531, Durham, NC 27702, [138]

  • The Community Based Collaborative Research Consortium as a new website with a searchable database of projects & research concerning collaborative approaches to managing environmental resources. [136]

March/April 2001

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January/February 2001

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  • "Gold and Green 2000," by Chris Kromm, Keith Ernst & Jaffer Battica is a new study, from the Inst. for Southern Studies, showing that states with the best environmental records also offer the best job opportunities & climate for long-term econ. development. It’s got state-by-state profiles. $35 from the Inst., PO Box 531, Durham, NC 27702, [432]

  • "Tempers Flare at Environmental Justice," by Brian Hansen reports on a Dec. 12 meeting between the Natl. Env. Justice Adv. Council and EPA. Available from the Env. News Service or from us with a SASE. [433]

September/October 2000

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  • People of Color Environmental Groups Directory 2000 compiled by Robert D. Bullard of the Clark Atlanta Univ. Env. Justice Resource Ctr., lists 400+ groups in 45 states, DC and Puerto Rico. It’s free, from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation’s Publication Request Line, 800/645-1766. [883]

July/August 2000

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  • Reclaiming the Environmental Debate: The Politics of Health in a Toxic Culture, ed. Richard Hofrichter (356 pp., 2000, $25) as been published by MIT Press, 800/356-0343. [1032]

May/June 2000

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  • A Place at the Table: Food & Env. Justice is the theme of the Winter 2000 issue of Race, Poverty & the Environment, a joint project of Calif. Rural Legal Asst. (headed by PRRAC Board member José Padilla) & the Urban Habitat Program. Subs. $15/4 issues, $40 insts., free for low-inc. persons & comm. gps. from RPE, Box 29908 Presidio Sta., SF, CA 94129. [985]

  • "Dismantling Transportation Apartheid through Environmental Justice," by Robert D. Bullard, Glenn S. Johnson & Angel O. Torres appeared in the Feb. 2000 Surface Transportation Policy Project. Copies of the 2-pager are available from Dr. Johnson, Clark Atlanta Univ. Env. Justice Resource Ctr., 223 James P. Brawley Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30314-4391, 404/ [971]

July/August 1999

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  • "Building Upon Our Strengths: A Community Guide to Brownfields Redevelopment in the SF Bay Area" (99 pp., 1999) is available ($20) from the Urban Habitat Prog., PO Box 29908, Presidio Sta., SF, CA 94129, 415/561-3333. Also available: “Crash Course in Bay Area Transportation Investment” (37 pp., 1999?), $23. [1285]

  • "Enough!" “a quarterly report on consumption, quality of life & the environment,” is available from the Ctr. for a New American Dream (headed by Betsy Taylor, who wrote the lead article in the July/Aug. 1997 P&R, “Poverty, Race & Consumerism”): 6930 Carroll Ave., #900, Takoma Park, MD 20912, 301/891-3693, [1287]

  • Environmental Health Perspectives has 2 special issues on children’s health. $25 from Env. Health Inf. Service, PO Box 12510, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709, 800/315-3010. [1288]

March/April 1999

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  • Environmentally Devastated Neighborhoods: Perceptions, Policies & Realities, by Michael Greenberg & Donna Schneider (300 pp., 1996) is available ($60 + s/h) from Rutgers Univ. Press, 800/446-9323. Provides case studies of 20 such neighborhoods in NJ and Phila. [1707]

September/October 1998

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  • "Building an Employment Focussed Welfare System: Work First & Other Work-Oriented Strategies in 5 States [IN, MA, OR, VA, WI]," by Pamela Holcomb, LaDonna Pavetti & Susan Riedinger Ethel Norris, HHS/ ASPE, 200 Independence Ave. SW, #404B, Wash., DC 20201, 202/857-8709. [2216]

July/August 1998

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  • "The Newtown Story: One Community's Fight for Environmental Justice," by Ellen Griffith-Spears (58 pp.) Newtown Florist Club, PO Box 908403, Gainesville, GA 30501, 770/718-1343. [2077]

May/June 1998

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  • An Environmental Justice & Comm. Organizing Training Manual is available (in Spanish & English) from the Environmental Health Coal., 1717 Kettner Blvd., #100, San Diego, CA 92101. $50 nonprofits/comm. orgs. with annual budget under $250,000; $75 for such groups with annual budget 250,000-500,000; $100 others. A limited number of copies are available free for grassroots env. justice orgs. in CA & the SW. [2792]

  • "Green Communities, Green Jobs" is a 16-page, Winter 1998 Strategy Alert available ($7) from the Comm. Inf, Exch., 1029 Vermont Ave. NW, #710, Wash., DC 20005, 202/628-2981. A partner publication, "Case Studies on Communities Creating Jobs & Protecting the Environment," is $20. [2793]

July/August 1997

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  • "The Sugar Law Center's Environmental Justice Project" is establishing a Great Lakes Regional Program to train grassroots organizations representing communities of color to effectively represent themselves before public regulatory agencies. To implement this, they are establishing a network between community groups and scientists/public health educators in universities in the Great Lakes region. Contact Kary Moss, 313/962-6540. [3367]

May/June 1997

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  • "The People of Color & Disenfranchised Communities Environmental Health Summit" co-sponsored by a number of federal agencies and grassroots groups, was held May 2-5 in Gulfport, MS. Inf. from Citizens for Env. Justice, 800/865-2335. [3222]

January/February 1997

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  • "The Newtown Story: One Community's Fight for Environmental Justice," by Ellen Griffith-Spears (58 pp. is available for $17.95 Jan. 1998) Newtown Florist Club, PO Box 908403, Gainesville, GA 30501, 770/718-1343. [2078]

  • A Directory of Pro Bono Legal Services Providers for Environmental Justice has recently been published by the Amer. Bar Assn. Standing Comm. on Env. Law. It lists over 180 providers in 38 states, DC and PR. The Directory was developed in cooperation with the Natl. Conf. on Black Lawyers & the Ctr. on Race, Poverty & the Env./CRLA. $18.95 from the ABA Service Ctr., 800/285-2221, ask for Product Code 359-7001. [2909]

  • "Breaking Down Barriers: Prospects & Policies for Linking Jobs & Residents in the Chicago Empowerment Zone," by Daniel Immergluck & Timothy Hilton is available ($12 nonprofits & govt., $25 others) from The Woodstock Inst., 407 5. Dearborn, #550, Chicago, IL 60605, 312/427-8070, E-mail: A 14-page Exec. Summary is also available; no price indicated. [2890]

November/December 1996

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  • The Urban Ecologist is the quarterly newsletter of Urban Ecology, 405 14th St., #701, Oakland, CA 94612, 510/251-6330, email: [4261]

September/October 1996

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  • "Environmental Justice & Transportation: Building Model Partnerships, Conf. Proceedings" (77 pp., 1996) is available (no price listed) from The Env. Justice Resources Ctr., Clark Atlanta Univ., 223 J.P. Brawley Dr., Atlanta, GA 30314, 404/880-6911, E-mail: Also available is a 45-minute, 1996 video, "Just Transportation," featuring highlights of the conf. and case studies in Atlanta, Chicago, LA, SF, NYC and DC. [4058]

  • "Negotiated Approaches to Environmental Decision Making Communities: An Exploration of Lessons Learned" is a 58-page, May 1996 Working Paper available ($14) from the Prog. for Comm. Problem Solving, 915 15th St. NW, #601, Wash., DC 20005, 202/783-2961. [4060]

May/June 1996

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  • "A Call for a Just & Sustainable US: A US Citizens' Statement" has been issued, with many endorsers, by the US Network for Habitat II. 1025 Vermont Ave. NW, #300, Wash., DC 20005, 202/879-4286, E-mail: [3789]

  • Dying from Dioxin: A Sustainable US: A US Citizen's Statement by Lois Gibbs and the Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste (396 pp.' Nov. 1995), is available ($23) from South End Press, 116 St. Botolph St., Boston, MA 02115, 800/533-8478. [3790]

  • "People of Color Environmental Groups: 1994-95 Directory," by Robert D. Bullard of the Clark Atlanta Univ. Environmental Justice Resource Ctr. (194 pp.), is available (likely free) from the Charles Stewart Mott Fdn., 1200 Mott Fdn. Bldg., Flint, MI 45802-1851, 810766-1766. [3791]

  • SA Talks is the new newsletter of Sustainable America. Contact them at 350 5th Ave., #3112. NYC, NY 10118-3199,212/239-4221, E-mail: [3792]

  • "Yearning for Balance: Views of Americans on Consumption, Materialism & the Environment" (26 pp., 1995) reports the results of a series of focus groups. Available (SI) from the Merck Family Fund, 6930 Carroll Ave., #500, Takoma Park, MD 20912, 301/270-2970, E-mail: [3793]

March/April 1996

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  • "An Update on Developments in the Environmental Justice Movement: An Open Letter to Funding Colleagues," by Ann Bastian & Dana Alston is available (likely free) from Edna Iriarte, New World Fdn., 100 E. 85 St., NYC, NY 10028, 212/249-1023. Also available is their 1993 memo, reviewing formation of the EJ movement. Alston (202/965-l800) and Bastian (212/249-l023) welcome responses to the memo. [3637]

  • "Race, Class & Environmental Health: A Review & Systematization of the Literature," by Phil Brown appeared in vol. 60 (1995) of Environmental Research. Reprints of the l6-page article likely are available from the author, Box 1916, Brown Univ., Providence, RI 02912. [3638]

January/February 1996

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  • "NAFTA at Two Years: The Human & Environmental Toll," by Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh & Ajantha Subramanian (8 pp., Nov. 1995) is available fromt he authors, Inst. for Policy Studies, 1601 Conn. Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, 202/234-9382. [3730]

  • APEN Voices is the quarterly newsletter of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, a PRRAC grantee, 1221 Preservation Park Way, 2nd flr., Oakland, CA 94612, 510/834-8920, [3729]

September/October 1995

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  • Environmental Justice: Issues, Policies & Solutions ed. Bunyan Bryant (278 pp., 1995) is available from Island Press, 1718 Conn. Ave. NW, #300, Washington, DC 20009, 202/232-7933. [4635]

  • Intel Inside New Mexico: A Case Study of Environmental & Economic Justice by the SouthWest Organizing Project (158 pp., 1995) is available from SWOP, 211 10th St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, 505/247-8832. [4636]

  • Where We Live: A Citizen's Guide to Conducting a Community Environmental Inventory by Donald Harker & Elizabeth Ungar Natter (336 pp., 1994), is available from Island Press, Box 7, Dept. 5AU, Covelo, CA 95428, 800/828-1302. [4637]

May/June 1995

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  • "Breach of Faith: How the Contract's Fine Print Undermines America's Environmental Success" (122pp., Feb. 1995) is available from the Natural Resources Defense Council, 40 W. 20 St., NYC, NY 10011, 202/783-7800. [4448]

  • "Defining Sustainable Communities: Many Pieces Fit Together" is the 36 page report of a June 1994 conf. from Neighb. Funders Group, 1001 S. Marshall St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101, 910/724-9070. [4446]

  • Whose Backyard, Whose Risk: Fear and Fairness in Toxic and Nuclear Siting by Michael Gerrard (335 pp., 1994), is available from MIT Press, 55 Hayward St., Cambridge, MA 02142, 800/356-0343. [4447]

March/April 1995

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  • "A [Model] Bill to Provide Environmental Equity in the Siting, Operation, or Expansion of Any Hazardous Solid or Other Waste Facility" and a parallel Executive Order have been prepared by BC Law student Carol Tate. For copies, contact her at 109 Myrtle St. #2, Waltham, MA 02154, 617/891-8184. [4521]

  • "Gold and Green" by Bob Hall, is a study disproving the "jobs vs. environment" myth, showing that states with the best environmental records also offer the best job opportunities and climate for long-term economic development. The 24 page, Oct. 1994 study is available from the Inst. for Southern Studies, PO Box 531, Durham, NC 27702, 919/419-8311. [4522]

  • "Intel Inside New Mexico" is a 60 page, May 1994 report available from the SouthWest Organizing Project, 211 10th St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, 505/247-8832. [4523]

  • "Legislating Justice: An Jobs and the Environment: The Myth of a National Trade-Off" by Eban Goodstein (43 pp., 1994), is available from the Economic Policy Institute, through Public Interest Pubs., 800/537-9359. [4524]

  • "Legislating Justice: An Examination of State Environmental Justice Laws" by Ron Nixon (28 pp., Aug. 1994) is available from the Inst. for Southern Studies, PO Box 531, Durham, NC 27702, 919/419-8311. [4525]

January/February 1995

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  • "An Open Letter to Funding Colleagues: Developments in the Enviromental Justice Movement" (9 pp., 1993) is available fret from either Ann Bastian, New World Fdn., 100 E. 85th St., NYC, NY 10028 or Dana Alston, Public Welfare Fdn,, 2600 Virginia Ave. NW, #505, Wash., DC 20037, 202/965-1800. [4291]

  • "Citizen's Guide to Enforcement of the Emergency Planning & Community Right to Know Act" is available ($10) from the Atlantic States Legal Found. in Syracuse, 315/475-1170. [4292]

  • Deeper Shades of Green: the Rise of Blue-Collar & Minority Environmentalism in the US, by Jim Schwab (500 pp.,) is available from Sierra Club Books, 100 Bush St., 13th flr., SF, CA 94104. [4293]

  • "Funding Sustainable Comunities," by David Hahn-Baker, Jeff Barber & Catherine Lerza (19 pp., 1994) is available ($5) from the Natl. Network of Grantmakers. 1717 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101, 619/231-1348. [4294]

  • "Toxic Empire: The WMX Corp., Hazardous Waste & Global Strategies for Environmental Justice" is Action Paper #2 from the Political Ecology Group. This 32-page case study of WMX (formerly Waste Management, Inc.) is available ($1.50, bulk rates provided-free to communities actively fighting WMX) in Spanish or English from PEG. 519 Castro St., Box 111 ,SF.CA 94114, 415/641-7835, e-mail: [4295]

November/December 1994

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  • A Pesticide Policy Reform Network has been organized by the Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation. Inf. from LEAF, 1115 N. Gadsden St., Tallahassee, FL 32303-6327, 904/681-2591. [6673]

  • Alternative Press is the new newsletter of Alternatives for Community & Environment. Contact ACE, c/o Boston College Law School, 885 Centre St., Newton, MA 02159. [6674]

  • People of Color Environmental Groups Directory 1994 compiled by Robert Bullard, is available, free, from the Charles Stewart Mott Found., 1200 Mott Found. Bldg., Flint, MI 45802, 810/766-1766. [6675]

  • "Preventing Child Exposures to Environmental Hazards: Research & Policy Issues" is a summary of a National Symposium held in Wash., DC March 18-19, 1994. The 64-page document is available (no price listed) from Joy Carlson, Children's Environmental Health Network, 5900 Hollis St., Suite E, Emeryville, CA 94608, 510/540-3657. [6676]

September/October 1994

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  • "Report on the [April 1993] Interfaith Hearings on Toxic Poisonings in Communities of Color" (20 pp.) is available ($5 indiv., $7 inst.) from Southwest Org. Proj., 211 10th St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102,505/ 247-8832. Their "deluxe package" ($15 indiv., $20 inst.) also includes a 30-minute video of the hearings plus SWOP's 4 environmental justice booklets. [5100]

  • "Toxic Wastes & Race Revisited," by Benjamin Goldman & Laura Fitton (17 pp., 1994), is an update of the 1987 report on the racial and socioeconomic characteristics of communities with hazardous waste sites. $20 from the Ctr. for Policy Alternatives, 1875 Conn. Ave. NW #710, Wash., DC 20009, 202/ 387-6030. CPA also has available a publications list. [5101]

July/August 1994

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  • "Our Unfair Share: A Survey of Pollution Sources in Our Nation's Capital" (102 pp June 1994) is a project of the African Amer. Environmentalist Assn., Natl. Assn. of Neighborhoods & Natl. Wildlife Fed. Available (no price listed) from the AAEA, 122 C St. NW #701, Wash., DC 20001,202/393-3303. [5382]

  • The Children's Environmental Health Network is "the first national multidisciplinary and multicultural project to focus on the prevention of childhood exposures to environmental hazards." Among their project is a "Kids & the Environment: Toxic Hazards" manual, currently being revised and available this summer. They're at 5900 Hollis St., Suite E, Emeryville, CA 94608, 510/ 540-3657. [5379]

  • Toxinformer is the quarterly newsletter of the Environmental Health Coal., 1717 Kettner Blvd. #100, San Diego, CA 92101-2532,619/ 235-0281. [5380]

  • Unequal Protection: Environmental Justice & Communities of Color, ed. Robert Bullard (392 pp., 10I is available ($29.50).from Sierra Club Store Orders, 730 Polk St., SF, CA 94109, 800/ 935-1056. [5381]

January/February 1994

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  • El Aire Mortal de Los Angeles is the Spanish version of "L.A.'s Lethal Air," the recent report from Eric Mann and the Labor/ Community Strategy Ctr. 90 pp., 1993, $15, from the Ctr., 3780 Wilshire Blvd. #1200, LA, CA 90010, 213/387-2800. [4974]

  • Environmental Science Program: John Dillon of Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, MT writes for assistance re a BS degree program they are developing in environmental science (the first of its kind in a tribal college), designed to integrate Indian learning styles, cultural values, beliefs and practices into the framework of instruction. They seek ideas on: 1) innovative curricula; 2) at-distance delivery systems to exchange information with off-campus students and other institutions; 3) funding for construction of a natural resources building on the SKC campus. He can be contacted at 412 Roosevelt St., Missoula, MT 59801, 406/ 543-7611. [4973]

  • "Report on the Interfaith Hearings on Toxic Poisoning in Communities of Color" (21 pp., Sept. 1993) is available ($3) from the SouthWest Organizing Proj., 211 10th St. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, 505/247-8832. The hearings were held last April in Albuquerque, endorsed by the NM Conf. of Churches, NM St. Catholic Conf., and the Natl. Council of Churches of Christ. [4976]

  • Toxic Struggles: The Theory and Practice of Environmental Justice, ed. Richard Hofrichter (260 pp. 1993), is available from New Society Publishers, 4527 Springfield Ave. Phila., PA 19143, 800/333-9093. Foreword by Lois Gibbs, and contributors include James O'Connor, Robert Bullard, Cynthia Hamilton, Winona LaDuke, Cesar Chavez, Charles Noble, Eric Mann, Walden Bello and Mark Ritchie. [4972]

  • Toxic-Free Neighborhoods: Community Planning Guide (97 pp., Jan. 1993) is available from the Environ-mental Health Coalition, 1717 Kettner Blvd. #100, San Diego, CA 92101, 619/235-0281. It's $22, but they have 300 cc. available for distribution, free, to grass-roots groups. [4977]

  • What Works. Local Solutions to Toxic Pollution by Kristin Schafer, is a 157-page, 1993 report from the Environmental Exchange (1718 Conn. Ave. NW #600, Wash., DC 20009, 202/387-2182). It chronicles 38 cases of grassroots activism. The book is $19 from Public Interest Pubs., PO Box 229, Arlington, VA 22210,800/537-9359. [4975]

November/December 1993

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  • Forcing the Spring. The Trmnsfamation of the American Environmental Movement, by Bob Gottlieb (413 pp., 1993), is available ($31.75) from Island Press, Box 7, Dept. SAU, Covelo, CA 95428, 800/828-1302. The book "shifts the debate from one focussed exclusively on the protection and management of the natural world to a wider discussion of American social movements, and explores the question of whether the environmental movement is capable of transcending its narrow definitions to change the very fabric of American social life." [5947]

  • "The Battle for Environmental Justice in Louisiana.... Government, Industry and the Poeple" is a 139-page Sept. 1993 report by the Louisiana Advisory Comm. to the US Commn. on Civil Rights. Available (likely free) from Melvin Jenkins, US Commn. on Civil Rights, 911 Walnut #3100, KC, MO 64106, 816/426-5253. [5948]

September/October 1993

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  • Toxic Struggles: The Theory and Practice of Environmental Justice ed. Richard Hofrichter, documents the fast growing environmental movement led by people of color, women, and low-income, working-class populations. Contributors include Robert Bullard, Winona LaDuke, the late Cesar Chavez, and Medea Benjamin, 272 pp., 1993, available from New Society Publishers, 4527 Springfield Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143, 215/382-6543. [5996]

July/August 1993

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  • Green Politics is the quasi-quarterly publication of The Greens/ Green Party USA. The Spring 1993 issue focussed on "Green Justice: Building a Multicultural Movement." They're at PO Box 30208, Kansas City, MO 64112, 816/ 931-9366. [5859]

  • "Principles of Environmental Justice" A 17-point statement adopted at the Fast Natl. People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit (Oct. 24-27, 1991) is available from us with a SASE. The 234-page conference proceedings, edited by Charles Lee, are available for $22.50 from the Commn. for Racial Justice, United Church of Christ, 475 Riverside Dr. #1950, NYC, NY 10115. [5858]

May/June 1993

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  • "Progress Report: Community Right-to-Know" is a report on the impact of the federal right-to-know law. 26 pp., $6, 8 pp. summary free, from Working Group on Comm. Right-to-Know, 215 Penn. Ave. SE, Wash., DC 20003, 202/546-9707. [5782]

March 1993

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  • "Unequal Protection: The Racial Divide in Environmental Law" is a special investigation by the National Law Journal (Sept. 21, 1992). A back issue may be obtained for $4.50 from the Journal, 111 Eighth Ave. #900, NYC 10011, 800/888-8300. [5712]

  • "What Works: Air Pollution Solutions" is a report from, Environmental Exchange profiling 69 effective local initiatives to reduce air pollution. $17 from the Exchange, 1930 18th St. N #24, Wash., DC 20009, 202/387-2182. [5713]

January 1993

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  • "Inventory of Exposure-Related Data Systems Sponsored by Federal Agencies" (ca. 400 pp., May 1992) is available (likely free) from Ken Sexton, Dir., Office of Health Research, EPA, Wash., DC 20460. [5506]

November 1992

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  • "Environment and the Economy" The Inst for Local Self-Reliance has published a compendium from their 1991 New Jersey conference, titled "Getting the Most from Our Materials: Strategies from the New Jersey Conference." $13.75 from the Inst., 2425 18th St. NW, Wash., DC 20009, 202/232-4108. [6567]

  • "Getting Strategic: A Retreat for Funders in The Environment and Community Development" is a 22-page report of a 1991 meeting sponsored by the Neighborhood Funders Group and the Environmental Grantmakers Assn. $5 from John Cimarosa, NFG, 22 Oak St., Westport, CT 06880. [6568]

September 1992

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  • Environmental Toxicology Cornell Univ. has an interdisciplinary graduate training program, with special financial assistance for minority students. Further inf. from Dr. Ruth Schwartz, ICET, 16 Fernow Hall, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY 14583-3001. [6446]

  • Human Rights and the Environment A group of anthropologists has been working on a project to provide descriptive documentation that justifies locating the right to a healthy environment within the human rights arena, as a contribution to an ongoing UN study. They have produced a preliminary report (85 pp., May 15, 1992). Further information from Barbara Johnson, coordinator of the Society for Applied Anthropology's Comm. on Human Rights and the Environment, 1115 Lennon Way, San Jose, CA 95125, 408/723-8073. [6449]

July 1992

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  • "Air Pollution Solutions" (111 pp., May 1992) is What Works Report #1 from The Environmental Exchange (1930 18th St. NW #24, Wash., DC 20009, 202/387-2182). It profiles 69 local laws, citizen campaigns and innovative government and business programs that are effectively reducing smog, air toxics, and chemicals that destroy the ozone layer. $17. [6343]

  • First Environment is a new newsletter, based in the Akwesasne Mohawk community, designed to provide appropriate health information to community women living within the Great Lakes ecosystem (the Native communities of the Great Lakes Basin and St. Lawrence River in the US and Canada). $15 to First Environment, 226 Blackman Hill Rd., Berkshire, NY 13736, 607/657-8438. [6342]

May 1992

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  • Silicon Valley Toxic News is the newsletter of The Silicon Valley Toxics Coal., 760 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95112, 408/287-6707. [6225]

  • "Sustainable Manufacturing: Saving Jobs, Saving the Environment," by Valjean McLenighan is a 67-page report from the Center for Neighborhood Technology (2125 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60647, 312/278-4800). $10. It's a special issue of their very good periodical, The Neighborhood Works ($25/year). Their 1990 Annual Report is also available from CNT President Scott Bernstein. [6222]

  • The Environmental Exchange (1930 18th St. NW #24, Wash., DC 20009, 202/387-2182) is building a Local Environmental Action Network, whose members get access to an information clearinghouse. They also publish What Works reports, describing programs effectively working to solve problems in a given environmental category, and a bimonthly bulletin, the Action Exchange. [6223]

  • The Green Wave A Movement for Environmental Justice and a Sustainable Economy is a new formation stressing multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. It has a 10-plank Action Program, to be refined by local acti-ists during an intensive 9-month preparation period leading up to the Green Wave Congress in May 1993. Contact them at 1875 Conn. Ave. NW #710, Wash., DC 20009, 202/387-6030. [6226]

  • "The Human Environment Center" (1001 Conn. Ave. NW #827, Wash., DC 20036, 202/331-8387) has available its annual report, a "Resource Bibliography," and "A Guide to Successful Internships"; no price given. [6224]

  • The Inst. for Local Self-Reliance (2425 18th St. NW, Wash., DC 20009, 202/232-4108) has available a publications list dealing with environmentally sound economic development. [6228]

  • "Working Notes on Community Right-To-Know" is available (seems to be free) from the Working Group on Comm. R-T-K, 215 Penn. Ave. SE, Wash., DC 20003-1155, 202/546-9707. [6227]

Not in any newsletter

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  • Equity in Environmental Health: Research Issues and Needs Workshop eds. Ken Sexton & Yolanda Banks Anderson (ca. 300 pp., 1993), proceedings of the EPA/ NIEHS/ATSDR conference (vol. 9, no. 5 of Toxicology and Industrial Health), is available ($68) from Princeton Scientific Pub. Co., PO Box 2155, Princeton, NJ 08543, 609/683-4750. [5235]

  • Research & Lessons from Katrina

    Lessons from Katrina

    PRRAC's Director of Research Chester Hartman and George Washington University sociologist Gregory Squires (a member of PRRAC's Social Science Advisory Board) have co-authored a 23-page chapter -- "Lessons from Katrina: Structural Racism As a Recipe for Disaster" -- in the just released volume, "Building Healthy Communities: A Guide to Community Economic Development for Advocates, Lawyers, and Policymakers," co-edited by Roger A. Clay, Jr. of Insight Ctr. for Comm. Econ. Dev. & Prof. Susan R. Jones of the George Washington Univ. Law School.

    The 530-page volume contains 28 chapters divided into the following sections: History & Background; CED & the Global Economy; Nonprofit Orgs. in CED; Govt. Financial Resources; Responding to Comm. Interests; Building Human Capital; Creating Indiv. & Comm. Assets; Obtaining Appropriate Financial Services; Embracing Environmental Opportunities & Challenges. Full TOC and ordering inf (unfortunately at a pricey $125) available at

    Read the chapter now

  • "The Sewage of Foreigners: An Examination of the Historical Precedent for Modern Waste Disposal on Indian Lands" by Scott Morrison & LeAnne Howe, is an 8-page article from the July 1992 Federal Bar News & Journal. Yours from us with a SASE. [5236]

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