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Biweekly PRRAC Updates

PRRAC Update July 12, 2018 mobility advances, school integration retreats, and a call for EJ legislation

PRRAC Update June 22, 2018 disparate impact under attack; new P&R ; fall housing mobility conference

Amicus briefs filed in NFHA et al v. Carson

PRRAC Update May 31. 2018 Deconstructing segregation; NFHA v Carson; Progress in Congress; Appendix B

PRRAC Update May 17, 2018 NFHA v Carson, school integration in a healthy democracy, fair housing and proximate cause

Civil Rights Groups Sue HUD over Suspended Implementation of Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule

PRRAC Update May 3, 2018 Hattiesburg; Selma; St. Louis; and remembering Arnold Hirsch

PRRAC Update April 20, 2018 Progress in Pasadena; new PRRAC staff

PRRAC Update April 5, 2018 Infographics, Anniversaries, and Resistance

PRRAC Update March 15, 2018 HUD steps up; take our survey; and join us at 4 upcoming events!

PRRAC Update March 2, 2018 Next steps on Small Area FMRs; Kerner Commission at 50

PRRAC Update February 15, 2018 New upcoming events in DC, NYC, MS

PRRAC Update February 1, 2018 New P&R; housing and environmental justice

PRRAC Update January 18, 2018 Small Area FMR progress; Kerner Commission at 50

PRRAC Update January 4, 2018 Bad news and good news in the new year

PRRAC Update December 14, 2017 Sign the petition - and run this Saturday!

PRRAC Update November 30, 2017housing and school integration; anti-busing relic lingers on

PRRAC #GivingTuesday Email 2

PRRAC #GivingTuesday Email 1

PRRAC Update November 16, 2017 SAFMR update; DeVos and diversity; NCSD photos!

PRRAC special update October 23, 2017 civil rights groups file challenge to suspension of mandatory Small Area FMRs

PRRAC Update October 19, 2017 Conference season! & new NCSD Research Brief

PRRAC Update October 5, 2017 Civil Rights, Housing, and Climate Change; final settlement in MD LIHTC case

PRRAC Update September 14, 2017 Social and academic inclusion in integrated schools; more on Small Area FMRs

PRRAC Update August 24, 2017 Suspending civil rights; dangers of the Regulatory Review Act

Press Release August 15, 2017 HUD suspends implementation of key civil rights provision in the voucher program

PRRAC Update August 10, 2017 NCSD2017! and EJ at EPA

PRRAC Update July 13, 2017 New P&R, confronting deregulation

PRRAC Update June 22, 2017 Regulatory havoc continues

PRRAC Update June 9, 2017 Trump's education budget; MTW; Loving!

PRRAC Update May 18, 2017 The Color of Law; housing mobility; protecting the administrative state

PRRAC Update April 27, 2017 Recommended reading for new HUD staff; and p.s. please call Congress

PRRAC Update April 3, 2017 Our first issue of Poverty & Race in the Trump presidency

PRRAC Update March 16, 2017 Huge cuts at HUD, new LIHTC bill, School Diversity grants

CarsonWatch Announcement March 13, 2017

PRRAC Update March 2, 2017 CRDC and the Administrative State, AFFH bill in CT

PRRAC Update February 16, 2017 LIHTC reform; threats to civil rights research; sanctuary PHAs; Executive Branch unbound

An Assault on the Fair Housing Act

Free to Ride

PRRAC Update February 3, 2017 The first two weeks

PRRAC Update January 18, 2017 Ben Carson and AFFH?

PRRAC Update December 22, 2016 Promising end of term policy announcements

PRRAC Update December 8, 2016 Ben Carson; philanthropy under attack; new P&R

PRRAC Update November 17, 2016 two more months

PRRAC Update November 3, 2016 Latest developments in ICP's civil rights suit against the Treasury Department

PRRAC Update October 22, 2016 AFFH for PHAs; "School Diversity in Action"

PRRAC Update October 6, 2016 The "other" Section 8 reform; new NCSD policy brief

PRRAC Update September 23, 2016 Housing mobility budget hearing, more on AFFH, and new EJ report

PRRAC Update September 1, 2016 Racial legacies in Memphis, in the new P&R; and a deeper look at housing and school segregation; plus upcoming webinars

PRRAC Update August 18, 2016 announcing "Mobility Works"

PRRAC Update August 4, 2016 ESSA, EPA, and AFFH

PRRAC Update July 8, 2016 School integration booklaunch; more Section 8 news; and PRRAC is hiring!

PRRAC Update June 24, 2016 Small Area FMRs! Fisher and K-12 education; the new P&R

PRRAC Update June 10, 2016 HUD, DOT, and Dept of Ed come together on school and neighborhood diversity

PRRAC Update June 10, 2016 HUD, DOT, and Dept of Ed come together on school and neighborhood diversity

PRRAC Update May 27, 2016 Promoting fair housing in the National Housing Trust Fund

PRRAC Update May 13, 2016 Join us for NCSD Hill briefing on school integration - next Thursday

PRRAC Update April 28, 2016 i3, SIG, EACs, and progress on HCVs

PRRAC Update April 5, 2016 Stronger Together; Growing up in Baltimore

PRRAC Update March 18, 2016 21st Century segregation; HUD & EPA; FHFA Duty to Serve

PRRAC Update February 25, 2016 New book on immigrant integration

PRRAC Update February 4, 2016 Race and Reconciliation

PRRAC Update January 22, 2016 blizzard edition

PRRAC Update January 7, 2016 AFFH and more AFFH

PRRAC Update December 17, 2015 A new housing mobility program in NJ; Chester Hartman retirement; and the housing and school

PRRAC Update December 4, 2015 school diversity; small area DDAs; AFFH alert; HUD history

PRRAC Update November 12, 2015 magnet school program threatened; gentrification and charters; annual appeal

PRRAC Update October 22, 2015 AFFH preparations; HUD's new harassment rule

PRRAC Update October 1, 2015 : Fair housing reflections in the new P&R

PRRAC Update September 10, 2015 School Diversity Conference; Title VI at Treasury

PRRAC Update August 20, 2015 time's running out?

PRRAC Update July 30, 2015 Social impact investment and housing mobility; 50 state survey of state LIHTC plans

PRRAC Update July 16, 2015 Title VIII at HUD, Title VI at Treasury

PRRAC Update July 2, 2015 Roisman on ICP v. TX; Online apartment listings; HCV reforms

PRRAC Update June 18, 2015 school integration developments in charters, Head Start, and NYC; LIHTC in St. Louis

PRRAC Update June 4, 2015 Small Area FMRs!

PRRAC Update May 15, 2015 Housing mobility conference agenda; new P&R

PRRAC Update May 1, 2015 Diversity in Pre-K, HUD's 50th anniversary, Baltimore

PRRAC Update April 21, 2015 Girls of Color and School Sports Opportunities; Connecticut

PRRAC Update April 2, 2015 transit-oriented development; child support

PRRAC Update March 19, 2015 housing and schools; fair housing and the bank settlements

PRRAC Update March 5, 2015 housing mobility news

PRRAC Update February 19, 2015 inching forward

PRRAC Update February 5, 2015 The Housing Trust Fund and Fair Housing; Success Story in CT

PRRAC Update January 22, 2015 Security deposit incentives; LIHTC data release; yesterday's S.Ct. argument

PRRAC Update January 8, 2015 Historic choices at the Supreme Court; good news from NY State

PRRAC Update December 18, 2014 public housing demolition, NYC schools

PRRAC Update December 4, 2014 Moving the needle; implicit bias in the classroom

PRRAC Update November 13, 2014 ICP v Texas

PRRAC Update October 31, 2014 HUD's HOME program; pay-for-success

PRRAC Update October 16, 2014 Housing vouchers and children; plus another 50th Anniversary

PRRAC Update October 2, 2014 Civil rights progress at HUD and the Dept of Education

PRRAC Update September 18, 2014 An urgent call for safer housing options

p.s. - corrected link for CERD report

PRRAC Update August 29, 2014 CERD Report issued!

PRRAC Update August 14, 2014 U.S. racial justice review in Geneva

PRRAC Update July 24, 2014 New Frontiers for Title VI?

PRRAC Update July 11, 2014 Will PHAs come together?

PRRAC Update June 26, 2014 New diversity language at Dept of Ed

PRRAC Update June 12, 2014 No housing opportunity in the House?

PRRAC Update May 29, 2014 Sheryll Cashin in the new Poverty & Race

PRRAC Update May 15, 2014 60 years after Brown, in Hartford and New Haven, CT

PRRAC Update May 2, 2014

PRRAC Update April 17, 2014 "The suburban promise of Brown"

PRRAC Update April 3, 2014 Immigrant integration; LIHTC and FRPL

PRRAC Update March 13, 2014 What do we know about inequality?

PRRAC Update February 27, 2014 Early education; President Obama's new Young Men of Color initiative

PRRAC Update February 13, 2014 protecting vulnerable children

PRRAC Update January 30, 2013 Progress at HUD and Dept of Ed?

PRRAC Update January 16, 2013 Marking progress in Philadelphia

PRRAC Update December 19, 2013 PRRAC Update - and happy holidays

PRRAC Update December 5, 2013 Upcoming housing mobility conference

PRRAC Update November 21, 2013 HUD policy developments; new P&R

PRRAC Update November 7, 2013 Diverse suburbs

PRRAC Update October 10, 2013 Shutdown; Department of Ed strategic plan

PRRAC Update September 26, 2013 "Where Integration Meets Innovation" conference; new fair lending book

PRRAC Update September 12, 2013 racial sorting in higher education; AFFH; ICCPR

PRRAC Update August 22, 2013 (PRRAC Update: "Healing America For Our Children," More evidence on LIHTC, PLACE MATTERS conference)

PRRAC Update August 2, 2013 (PRRAC Update: economic mobility/housing mobility)

PRRAC Update July 18, 2013 (PRRAC Update: new AFFH rule and more)

PRRAC Update June 27, 2013 (PRRAC Update: U.S. CERD report released & more)

PRRAC Update June 13, 2013 (PRRAC Update: An inspiring immigrant integration story from...Hazleton?)

PRRAC Update May 30, 2013 (PRRAC Update: Confronting Suburban Poverty)

PRRAC Update May 16, 2013 (PRRAC Update: "Critically Engaged Teaching and Race")

PRRAC Update May 2, 2013 (PRRAC Update: Toronto, Sharkey, Edin)

PRRAC Update April 18, 2013 (PRRAC Update: new housing mobility research from Dallas; increasing school segregation in Maryland)

PRRAC Update April 4, 2013 (PRRAC Update: Dept of Ed ducks diversity; HUD's Choice Neighborhoods program)

PRRAC Update March 21, 2013 (PRRAC Update: Housing cost burden by race; new report on MTW)

PRRAC Update March 7, 2013 (PRRAC Update: HUD Report Card Part II; Immigration Enforcement)

PRRAC Update February 21, 2013 (PRRAC Update: Creating balance in the location of LIHTC developments?)

PRRAC Update February 7, 2013 (PRRAC Update: New housing mobility "toolkit" - and more)

PRRAC Update January 24, 2013 (Honoring Chester Hartman; HUD's transportation policies)

PRRAC Update January 10, 2013 (New housing mobility programs; South Africa housing policy)

PRRAC Update December 13, 2012 (Our most diverse zip code?)

PRRAC Update November 29, 2012 (new report on inclusive redevelopment; and a final settlement in Thompson v HUD)

PRRAC Update November 14, 2012 (New report on assisted housing and school location)

PRRAC Update November 1, 2012 (reflections on the recent "affirmative action" argument)

PRRAC Update October 18, 2012 (benefits of diversity for all students; and DC event)

PRRAC Update October 4, 2012 (preview of new P&R, plus housing and health)

PRRAC Update September 13, 2012 (new MTO findings; and school diversity in the party platforms)

PRRAC Update August 23, 2012 (Fisher v. Texas update; and new developments in Seattle and Dallas)

PRRAC Update July 26, 2012 (School diversity in Ohio, children and healthy neighborhoods)

PRRAC Update July 12, 2012 (Successful dual language immersion schools; tracking federal progress on civil rights)

PRRAC Update June 14, 2012 (Fifth National Housing Mobility conference and "Race to the Top" Revisited)

PRRAC Update May 31, 2012 (Slow moving rules - and a new charter school report)

PRRAC Update May 18, 2012 (Diverse charter schools? and Deepak Bhargava in the new P&R)

PRRAC Update May 3, 2012 (Doug Massey on Mount Laurel - and another HUD demonstration)

PRRAC Update April 19, 2012 (zoning, education, and more resources!)

PRRAC Update April 5, 2012 (smart growth and fair housing, discriminatory property management of foreclosed bank properties)

PRRAC Update March 22, 2012 (immigrant integration programs, victory in Texas)

PRRAC Update March 8, 2012 (new fair housing opportunities, new education data)

Brief survey for readers of "Poverty & Race," February 28, 2012

PRRAC Update February 23, 2012 (HOME, CERD, and Magnet Schools)

Good news from St. Paul, February 13, 2012

PRRAC Update February 9, 2012 (Supreme Court takes up "discriminatory impact")

Interpreting Segregation? February 1, 2012 (PRRAC response to inquiries on the widely publicized report from the Manhattan Institute, "The End of the Segregated Century.")

PRRAC Update January 26, 2012 (Responses to new HUD regs; State Dept cites school integration efforts)

PRRAC Update January 12, 2012 (New P & R...and upcoming Kirwan Institute Conference)

PRRAC Update December 22, 2011 (regional fair housing progress in Baltimore; new HUD education partnership)

PRRAC Update December 8, 2011 (HUD's environmental justice strategy; reflections on corporate personhood)

Press Advisory December 2, 2011 (release of the federal school diversity guidance)

PRRAC Update November 10, 2011 (Reforming the Low Income Housing Tax Credit)

PRRAC Update October 27, 2011 (New housing-schools report; why we oppose the ESEA bill)

PRRAC Research Briefs October 20, 2011 (Interpreting the new Moving to Opportunity results)

PRRAC Update October 13, 2011 (New proposals for affordable housing site selection)

PRRAC Update September 29, 2011 (Foreclosed properties and access to opportunity)

PRRAC Research Briefs September 19, 2011 (More Reflections on the 2010 Poverty Data)

PRRAC Update September 15, 2011 (Trends in Poverty Concentration in the 2000s; "One Nation Indivisible")

PRRAC Update September 1, 2011 ("Can We Achieve Diversity and Stability in Gentrifying Neighborhoods?"; Harmonizing Treasury Department housing programs with the Fair Housing Act)

PRRAC Update August 18, 2011 (Sustainable Communities and Fair Housing; Obama Administration Announces No Child Left Behind "Waiver" Plan)

PRRAC Update July 21, 2011 ("The Imperative of Integration"; Flexibility Bill Could Deprive Students of Title I Resources)

PRRAC Update July 7, 2011 (Remaking the secondary mortgage market; Voices of Integration)

PRRAC Update June 23, 2011 (Housing and the mortgage finance system; how does the U.N. race discrimination treaty go beyond U.S. civil rights laws? Voluntary school integration in Wake County, North Carolina)

PRRAC Update June 9, 2011 (How important is racial diversity in education and transportation policy?)

PRRAC Update May 27, 2011 (America Healing: Magnet School Student Outcomes; Southeastern Pennsylvania First Suburbs Project)

PRRAC Update April 28, 2011 (Elementary and Secondary Education Act; Encouraging healthy outcomes in Section 8)

PRRAC Update April 14, 2011 (Finally a federal budget, but more progress needed on fair housing)

PRRAC Update March 31, 2011 (Reconciling smart growth and fair housing; Civil rights considerations in school closure policy)

PRRAC Update March 17, 2011 (Race, poverty, and human rights treaties; Innovation and the Federal Housing Budget)

PRRAC Update March 3, 2011 (HUD-sponsored study on housing voucher discrimination laws; Integrated charter schools?)

PRRAC Update February 17, 2011 (Race, Poverty, and the Secondary Mortgage Market; Linking housing and school integration)

PRRAC Update February 3, 2011 (Inclusive Gentrification? EPA School Siting Guidelines; Interdistrict transfers; "Parents Involved" decision)

PRRAC Update January 20, 2011 (Balancing the "right to return" and the right to desegregated housing opportunities in Choice Neighborhoods; Wake County's return to segregated neighborhood schools; Compiling better data on charter schools)

PRRAC Update January 6, 2011 (School diversty is now a Department of Education funding priority; Waiving HUD regulations doesn't necessarily expand housing choice; Avoiding racial segregation and poverty concentration in the National Housing Trust Fund)

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